Kettlebells & Beers! What's That All About?

I’m assuming you know what a kettlebell is and that you also know what a beer is but why are these two, seemingly diametrically opposed, items combined into a fitness program? I’ll answer that question in a moment. But to clarify, Kettlebells & Beers is an online group fitness coaching program aimed at men over 35. Before getting more into what the program offers and how it works, let me answer some common questions.

Why Men?

There are numerous fitness or diet program online that are available for either mixed gender groups, or female-centric group programs. But there isn’t a lot available for men that isn’t just ‘Bro do you even lift?’  I spotted that gap and though, not only do real men with real lives and real problems need something tailored to their specific health/fitness needs, but also that men of a certain age are finally opening up about their mental health struggles too. Mental health is like physical health. It’s a sliding scale that can alter any day for many reasons. I’m not a clinical psychologist but offering a non-judgemental space for men to chat openly about their lives and their anxieties and realise that they are not alone could be really powerful. Couple that with the fact that exercise is a really powerful tool for reducing anxiety, depression and raising one’s mood and self-image and I feel like this program could be a game changer. So, Kettlebells & Beers is as much a support group as it is a fitness program. It’s a community for men to come together and bond over their training and to offer each other positive feedback, support and even some banter. The process of getting stronger, improving your nutrition and mindset is much easier to turn into a lifestyle if you have peers you can relate to and who relate to you.


What about the beer?

I called the program Kettlebells & Beers as much to catch the eye as anything. But ultimately, the beers represent the balance in life. Diet culture and healthism have created the perception that to be fit and healthy you have to cut out everything you enjoy. No more cake, no more chocolate, no more alcohol, no more chips or curry or eating out because you have to do 2 hours of intense cardio every day and eat dust wrapped in lettuce. That’s nonsense! You can have a beer and other occasional indulgences and still be fit and healthy. The trick is learning how to balance out the 80:20 rule. That being, do about 80% ‘perfect’ 80% of the time, the other 20% can be other things that might not necessarily be healthy in isolation, but that bring some sense of joy to your life. For me, that thing is beer. I love craft beer. We can also share our beer recommendations, maybe even have a live conference call where we all bring a beer and sit down to chat about our progress that week, ask questions and offer support to each other. It doesn’t matter if you don’t drink, just have a coffee or a lime cordial instead, we won’t judge you.

I have never used kettlebells I’m not sure this is for me.

Do you ride a bike? Do you remember how difficult that was until you learned? I bet you fell off a few times, scraped your knee and went running home to mummy. I know I did. But I kept trying until I could ride a bike – my mum was brutal she wouldn’t let me use stabilisers, I had to learn to cycle properly or not at-all. But I really wanted to ride a bike and experience that freedom, so I persevered. The same applies to kettlebell training. Everyone has to start somewhere. There will be people in this program who have experience with kettlebells and want help getting their training to the next level, or simply enjoy the added external accountability and community spirit. There will be blokes in the group who have not exercises consistently since school and are a complete beginner. Like I said, there is no judgement in Kettlebells & Beers, just support and positivity. Of course, if you really don’t want to train with kettlebells and want to do CrossFit or powerlifting instead, that’s fine. This program isn’t for you. But, if you are a beginner, an intermediate looking to basic on, a sportsman who wants to add some basic S&C to support your sport, or simply looking to find a new hobby Kettlebells & Beers is for you.

How does Kettlebells & Beers work?

The whole program is online. When you sign up (for only £25 per month) you get access to a dropbox folder containing an evidence-based ebook that teaches you all the basics of leading a health-seeking lifestyle from the nutrition to the mindset and lifestyle, to the principles of exercise. What do I mean by ‘evidence-based’? My methods are informed by the scientific principles of exercise physiology, all my recommendations are based on science. There are no restrictive diet fads or unproven supplement recommendations here. But I have refined it all down into easy to understand and implement chunks. There is a periodized beginners training plan, that could keep you busy for months if you are an absolute beginner. There are also templates for intermediate and advanced trainees. Plus, regular fitness challenges, technique workshops and more. In addition to the nutriton and lifestyle guidebook and training program, there’s also a supplements guide (not a necessity but the info is there to help you make more informed choices with regards to supplementation if that’s something you are considering). I have even included a recipe book featuring 20 high protein recipes for delicious nutrient dense meals. The whole program is housed in an exclusive private Facebook group. This is the best way to get everyone in one place where you can ask your questions, share your training videos, this is also where I run livestreams to answer your questions, offer more bespoke coaching and you can even partner up with fellow members to motivate and help each other along.

KB&B Bender

I have injuries can I still do Kettlebells & Beers

It depends on what the injuries are but, I am experienced as a post injury-rehab trainer and have worked with lots of athletes. If there are exercises in any of the programs that you cannot do just ask in the group and I, or one of the more experienced members will happily offer alternatives. It’s also worth noting that just the act of getting stronger can help to massively reduce chronic pain issues, fix longstanding injuries or bullet proof you against getting injured if you have an active job or active hobbies. I myself have long standing issues with neck and back injuries, that I manage with exercise and have recently rehabbed a shoulder injury using many of the exercises in the programs presented here.

I need to lose weight for my health can Kettlebells & beers help me?

YES! Although not a specific weight loss program (simply because the emphasis is on sustainable health-seeking lifestyles) there is advice on how to create a safe and consistent energy deficit to help you lose weight, if that is your goal. Other goals supported include muscle building, sports conditioning and, as I mention, maintenance. But, even if you are not specifically looking to lose weight or ‘diet’ the chances are, if you follow the advice in the program and take consistent action on that advice you will likely lean down without even thinking about it.

What dietary approach does Kettlebells & Beers advocate?

As I said already, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition, but the basic rules are as follows:

  1. Eat protein with every meal.
  2. Eat a variety of plant foods.
  3. Prepare most of your meals from scratch most of the time.
  4. Eat more of the foods you enjoy but…
  5. Eat like an adult!

Final Word

It's a lifestyle. Although Kettlebells & Beers does discuss energy balance (or Calories in Calories out) and does teach you how to track Calories if that is your want, this isn’t a necessity either. You could track Calories, you could eyeball portions, you could just track protein, or you could just eat how you normally eat and just enjoy the workouts, it all depends on your goals. Look, if you want to do keto you can, I’m not sure why you would want to do that to yourself but if it’s a way of eating that works for you, do it. Just do what works best for you and your goals and engage with the group. That’s what it’s there for.

Hopefully this has answered all your questions now click the PayPal button below and sign up or, pass this on to someone you know and urge them to join. If you join now and bring two other blokes with you, I’ll give you your first month’s subscription back in craft beer (UK only), can’t get better than that can you!

Coach Troy


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