My online coaching program is aimed specifically at nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

After filling out the assessment form, there will be an initial consultation via Zoom with a written follow up summarising what we discussed on the consultation and a written plan for you to put into action as a starting point.

You even get a series of exclusive videos that introduce you to the evidence-based basics of diet, nutrition and mindset.

From there onwards we stay in touch via phone/zoom/WhatsApp with a weekly 20-minute check in where you get to ask me any questions and update me on your progress so far. I will be available for instant messaging at designated times throughout the week and there is the option of being added to a TM Fitness community on WhatsApp and Facebook.

The focus here is on behaviour change, education and helping you to break down all your barriers to change.

Bespoke gym training plans can be provided when required, so we cover all the bases.

This program is especially useful for clients with specific body composition or sports/performance goals.

The whole aim of this is to teach you so much that eventually you are your own coach and no longer need my services. Unless you enjoy the banter that much.

Call or email to discuss your personal needs and targets:


    I started working with Troy at the beginning of March 2020 , 3 weeks before lockdown commenced. At that time, I was at my heaviest, suffering with lower back pain and lacking any physical strength or endurance. Of course I knew that I had to move more, exercise; but I lacked confidence, (real) technique eluded me and previously I just gave up and compounded the problem.

    I thought I’d try out a PT, expecting the service to be the same as working with a Gym member of staff in private. Troy offers much more - he’s like a wellness guru. My initial goals were to learn some basics build my core strength and the foundations for an independent and energetic life. I’m still at the early stages of my journey but I’m proud to say that not only can I side plank and split squat, but have muscles appearing that weren’t there before.

    My biggest struggles were always going to be technique but Troy provided online videos, follow-ups and an on-line Lockdown community to keep me engaged and on track.

    My advice to anyone considering engaging a PT is to give him a call - talk to him - he’ll listen to you. He’ll be honest with you and he won’t judge. What have you got to lose?



    I’ve been working with Troy for 2 years now and yes I’m stronger and fitter than I was.

    I could tell you how hard he made me work about the sessions but that would actually be completely missing what Troy has done. He’s made me believe that I can do things rather than hope I can, he’s helped me to get over self doubt when things haven’t gone as I’d hoped. There has never been any judgement just encouragement. He’s been on hand to answer questions and guide me through problems whenever I’ve asked.

    I can attribute some of my best performances to working with Troy and the positive words he has after these have been genuinely been humbling. Apparently it’s my hard work, but it’s his time and effort on the journey we are on that should be recognised, his belief in me has pushed me to achieve.

    Which brings me to the current day, if you are reading this then we are currently 8 weeks into “The Lockdown” and Troy has been on hand to guide me and others through this. He’s shared his knowledge and experience and helped to make a difficult time, a positive and productive one.

    Would I recommend Troy?, absolutely without hesitation. If you have a goal no matter what it is Troy will help your reach and surpass it.



    I started working with Troy in February this year focusing on improving mobility and general fitness - my walk to the train station was taking its toll on me owing to poor posture and flat feet.

    Once lockdown started we moved to virtual sessions and focused on keeping healthy during these somewhat testing times.

    Following Troy’s advice I got rid of the cheese and biscuits and ate more protein. Practically this meant more steak - always a good thing!

    Our training sessions are kettlebell, body-weight and resistance-band exercises with brief chats about philosophy and politics between sets.

    I can say with utter confidence that, thanks to Troy, lockdown has given me time to reflect upon what’s important and improve my health.

    My fitness goal back in February was to be able to put a jumper on without getting out of breath - a distant memory now.



    As the 90 days draw to an end I’ve been reflecting. I am super proud as this is the first thing I have stuck to and I have be able to live my life and enjoy the food I love!

    Thanks for all the support, it’s made me so much more confident and I refuse to go back to how I was, mentally and physically!


    Troy is a rare being - a coach that actually listens to you.

    He really takes the time to actually find out what you want from training and tailors sessions to fit your needs.

    I really appreciate the evidence base he draws upon when giving advice.

    Working with Troy, I get injured so much less than I used to.”


    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    “TM Fitness - simply brilliant!

    Troy’s extensive knowledge and straight talking is very motivational

    Highly recommend booking a coaching session with him!”

    Wendy - Triathalons


    “TM Fitness - simply brilliant!

    Troy’s extensive knowledge and straight talking is very motivational

    Highly recommend booking a coaching session with him!”

    Wendy - Triathalons

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    “ I recently followed an online program devised by Troy on MyPTHub. Really easy to use, warm up and three different workouts meant I didn’t get bored.

    In app timer for rest periods. I feel stronger and my running and cycling feel like they have improved by doing the Wonder Woman Program.

    Highly recommend it, you will get stronger!”



The Best Exercise For Back Pain #2
The Best Exercise For Back Pain #2

Whether you are sedentary for most of the day or a highly active person it is possible to develop back pain. If your pain isn't the result of a specific injury but is the kind of pain your doctor may term "non-specific" then you need corrective exercise.

A corrective exercise is one that helps to re-balance the body and reduce compensatory movements. By re-balance I mean strength imbalances, certain muscle groups may be weaker or less sensitised and therefore need to be trained more specifically to reduce compensation and improve recruitment patterning. That is where corrective exercise comes in.

These are the kinds of exercises you should be including in either your warm ups or your accessory work at the end of a gym session, if not both. One such exercise is the loaded carry. Loaded carries come in various forms and I'm going to show you a few variations here.

Farmer Walks

First off you have the basic carry, known as a farmer's walk because it looks like you're carrying a couple of pales of milk.

It's important to get your form right, so you should hinge the hips and keep the spine in neutral position, this means no flexing or rounding of the back. Grab the weights, but don't lift them just yet.

Once in that position, slightly shift your weight back towards your heels and (if necessary) shift your hips back and up slightly until you feel tension in your hamstrings. Squeeze your arm pits, lift your chest until you are almost arching your mid-spine and keep everything nice and tight.

You're not pulling the weight up with your arms, you're stabilising the spine with your core muscles and then think about driving your feet through the floor to extend the hips. This way you lift with your hips and not your back. It's basically a deadlift and just like a deadlift the set-up is as important as the last rep. Make sure you reset each rep.

Now, stand tall with your chest up and your shoulders down, slightly flare your Lats (imagine you are holding rolled up news papers under your armpits) and walk.

Pick a distance, if your gym has a track in it you can walk from one end to the next, set the weights down and then turn around, lift and walk back. Do this several times. Many gyms have a carpeted track for just such exercises, this is usually the area where they have battle ropes and, if it's that sort of gym, prowler sleds. An ideal length is at least 15m, but you could just aim for 20-odd paces or walk for 20-30 seconds continually. If you can't do it in a straight line just walk in a circle around the room.

Suitcase Carries

I like to use a variation called the suitcase carry. This is where you carry a weight in one hand only. The reason for this is to create "anti-rotation" - if you read this blog then you understand why anti-rotation is important, especially if you suffer with back pain - This is where the lateral muscles of the core have to engage to prevent unnecessary movement of the spine.

It's great for stabilising the lower back. It's one of the exercises in my Back-Pain Solution. The same rules apply here, as with the Farmer Walk, with the obvious exception being that uni-lateral unweighted/weighted element. Picking the kettlebell up is like a suitcase deadlift, again don't rush the set-up.

The Cook Carry

Now, if these aren't challenging enough for you and you are a recreational athlete aspiring to Herculean levels of strength and fitness then there's the Cook Carry. Created by famed physiotherapist Gray Cook. He claims that if more people did loaded carries there would be less need for corrective exercises

A bold claim but he's worked with thousands of athletes so who am I to question? Here's a clip of him explaining his principles of stability:

The Cook Carry is a waiter's carry, where you hold the kettlebell overhead, set a timer for 12-minutes or so and walk around as long as you can until your form breaks and you are no longer able to hold the weight overhead with stability. Then, bring the kettlebell down to rack position, continue until your form starts to go and then bring the kettlebell down into a suitcase carry.

Do that on both sides and it's a workout in itself.

I used to say that if you only do one strength exercise you should do heavy deadlifts. I still love deadlifts but I now believe that loaded carries are the one. If everyone did these, and I do mean EVERYONE (even your mum) many health problems, especially those associated with age related physical decline would drop massively. Sure, a loaded carry won't build muscle, it's not for aesthetics, but it will increase core stiffness, full body strength and bone density - all of the things an ageing individual or an elite athlete needs.

I mean, just look at it! What exercise has more of a functional carry-over to daily living than one that trains you to be better at carrying bags of shopping, luggage or drinks trays?

Couple these with a healthy diet and a good night's sleep, and you may just evade the onset of sarcopenia, osteoporosis, chronic back pain, adult-onset diabetes and other chronic conditions. Try incorporating loaded carries into your workouts and see how everything else improves as a result. Including your back pain.


Learn to remove your back pain; check out my online program the Back-Pain Solution


Or, if you want to get into kettlebell training then try my 6-week kettlebell challenge


If you see value in my work then please support me on Patreon, it all helps to pay the bills.


- Coach Troy

Exercise Programming For Idiots
Exercise Programming For Idiots

OK, you’re not an idiot not as much as me anyway. But, I want to explain a really simple template for programming your workouts. It’s super easy to over complicate these things, so this blog is going to be a basic step by step guide on how to put together your own training plans, why you should program it that way and also how a trainer can involve their clients in the process.


First off, you need to understand your goals. I mean, if you want to enter a bodybuilding competition and you’re running 20k per day you’re going to look shit on stage aren’t you? So, when it comes to deciding on exercise goals use the SMART template. This video explains more:

Enjoy that? Good. So, essentially you have to know what it is you want to achieve, why that’s important to you and then you reverse engineer the process. The process goals are the actions you have to take in order to reach the desired outcome. Easy right?

The best Exercise for Back-Pain #1
The best Exercise for Back-Pain #1


It may come as some surprise to you that I have long suffered with lower back pain. It has taken me years to get to the bottom of it and although I still experience occasional flare ups I now have a good strategy for dealing with it and getting back to normality as quickly as possible.

Without boring you too much with lots of technical anatomy information let me just explain this. The joints in the body alternate between mobile and stable in an ideal world. The lower back, or lumbar, has a tremendous range of motion compared with other parts of the spine. 40-60˚of flexion 20-30˚ of extension, 15-20˚ of lateral flexion and 3-18˚ of rotation. Yet, the lumbar spine should be a stable joint and the problem for many people who develop chronic “non-specific” back pain is that their lumbar has become unstable. The reasons for this are many but if the hips and mid-spine, or thoracic, have become stiff and immobile the lumbar will compensate for much of that lost range.

If your lower back flares up and becomes painful, you would likely benefit more from doing some simple mobility exercises for the t-spine and hips and avoiding stretching the lower back completely.


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