6 Week Course

This is a progressive 6-week training schedule aimed at getting you fitter and stronger while teaching you the fundamental kettlebell movements.

Think of this as skills development as much as it is an exercise plan.

Here's what one happy client had to say about it:

"I really enjoyed the challenge... planning to start the challenge over. I loved the format, especially the videos. Great exercises and I could manage them even with my dodgy back"

I have also included 2 bonus pdf files on nutrition and portion control to help you achieve better performance and body composition results.

The exercises in this program will improve strength, fitness, core stability and mobility. You will need your own set of kettlebells or have access to kettlebells in a gym or box.

This is suitable for anyone with a basic level of fitness or who plays sports and wants better functional strength. You will ideally have a good understanding of your own physical limitations and have good body awareness.

If in any doubt get clearance from your GP or Physician.

The Kettlebell Challenge ONLY £50

for this 6 week program!

  • Master the swing, goblet squat & Turkish getup
  • Build strength, muscular endurance
    & mobility
  • Develop hip & shoulder power
  • Get fitter & leaner
  • Create a new exercise habit
  • Only a single kettlebell necessary
  • Includes a bonus nutrition template
What My Clients Say:

“Inspired by “ do you even climb bro” mail. Signed up for 6 week kettle bell challenge. First day really impressed easy to navigate dashboard, great videos.

Mont Ventoux prep has begun!”
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