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Almost half of the UK population are living with chronic pain. Back pain is the number one cause of work absenteeism.

Chronic pain is defined as pain that lasts for longer than 3 months. Less than that and it's called acute and is likely due to a muscle strain, tear or impact injury.

Chronic pain can be demoralising and limiting but I am here to tell you that you don't have to live your life in pain. If you came away from your doctor with no diagnosis and no strategy for improving the situation then you didn't see a back pain expert. If you were told that you have non-specific pain you don't, there ALWAYS a cause for your pain.

Don't assume that pain is a natural part of ageing or that it's just the way your body is, or that you have somehow inherited it. Chronic pain isn't genetic and like many things you can mostly change this situation through 3 areas of health and fitness.

Mindset and attitude - stress, anxiety and predetermined beliefs can make your pain worse (did your doctor tell you that you have degenerative disc disease? There's no such thing!)

Specific exercise - Research has shown that exercise is essential for both managing and reducing your experience of pain

Healthy diet - Eating lots of unhealthy processed foods will cause inflammation that will enhance your pain, likewise, being overweight is a major risk factor in the development of chronic pain

How would you feel if you were able to significantly reduce or even remove your pain and not only lead your life with less pain but recapture your natural athleticism and become a better version of you?

I'm not kidding, you too can be a recreational athlete. You can finally stop using your 'bad back' as an excuse to not go to the gym, to not play football with your mates or to not play in the park with your kids.

Well, you can with my new online program The Back Pain Solution. What is The back Pain Solution? It's an extensively researched, evidence based program

  • Learn about the neuro-emotional aspects of pain management
  • Learn about basic anatomy and functional movement
  • Learn why treating the area of pain is ineffective
  • Get simple easy to understand assessments you can perform on yourself.
  • Learn the best exercises to reduce your pain permanently

What do you get with the TM Fitness Back Pain Solution?

  • An email course containing all the premium content plus a few bonuses
  • A 60-minute recorded presentation
  • A 3 phase progressive exercise program designed
    to suit your personality type and fitness level
  • A bonus diet template to help create a better, more balanced diet

These methods are not only supported by science but are the result of years of experience fixing my own back issues and in working one to one with back pain sufferers. Most of my clients come to me to rehab injuries and then stick around for the gains and improved sporting performance from ongoing and progressive exercise and nutrition.

Are you taking pain killers just to get out of bed each day or to sleep each night?

Do you use up statutory sick pay because your back locks out and prevents you from going to work?

Are you afraid of movement or exercise because your doctor or therapist instilled a pessimistic belief about the expectations of pain?

You are NOT made of glass, your body is durable and adaptable and CAN move beyond pain if you put the time into improving the causes of your pain.

How do I know? I have a history of neck and back issues myself. Let me tell you a story:

In addition to this I have experienced debilitating back and hip pain that robbed me of my natural mobility as well as my sleep. I reversed that situation (including sciatic referral) through the same corrective exercises that you get in this program.I'm not going to lie to you and say that my neck never causes me pain but what I no longer do is ruminate on it. I accept my pain, manage it with correct posture and keep myself in shape.

You can do the same for your back pain. Follow the advice in this program and you will never have to be a slave to your pain again, you are NOT your pain!

The Back Pain Solution - ONLY £95

Sign up and claim the full online program, including:

  • 60-minute video presentation
  • Progressive and periodized exercise program
    bonus nutrition plan
  • Access to private messaging for 1-month after purchase

"My back was a real problem, on my feet all day chatting with clients and having taken up running my back was stiff, painful and often locking up, leaving me bed ridden. Since working with Troy my back has been loads better, I feel stronger and my running has improved too. "


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